The Barnacle Pro

$ 64.99

Limitless Versatility. Designed to empower a revolutionary music experience. Built to seamlessly accompany your discovery & supplement adventure from sea to summit.
The world’s most dynamic speaker: The Barnacle Pro redefines the purpose and possibilities of Bluetooth
® speakers. GoPro® Mount included, tool-free universal mounting capabilities, 8GB of iTunes® .M4A compatible internal storage (~ 2,000 songs), and True Wireless dual speaker pairing. This seemingly Swiss inspired speaker is designed to suit your active lifestyle and set the tone for any aquatic adventure. The Barnacle Pro’s modern facade blends fashion with unprecedented outdoor functionality: virtually indestructible in & out of water.


Speaqua’s Water Play Technology offers the ability to continuously listen to your music without ever disconnecting, in or out of water.

Product’s enabled with Water Play rank for the highest level of waterproofing capacity (IP68) and have the ability to store music offline (Internal Memory). This pairing surpasses the problematic nature of traditional Bluetooth® speakers that cutout when submersed or when separated from a smart device.

Water Play allows you to listen to your music anywhere, with or without your phone.

Customer Reviews

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Great Product

This speaker is super convenient with its size, battery life, built in accessories, and sound. Unfortunately I broke mine a few weeks after I bought it and the customer service was extraordinary. I purchased it through Amazon and because it was past Amazon’s return date, Speaqua replaced it for me, and I received my new barnacle pro about a week after I shipped the old one back. Great Product.

Indestructible and easy to use!

We have been using these Barnacles since very early production. All of my teenage and adult kids have loved these so much we have purchased one for everyone. What started out as needing a nice compact "beach" speaker that was small and element proof with good sound has turned out to have many uses. When we are not at the beach these are used in bedrooms, bathrooms and showers. So small and compact with a super long battery life its an easy go-to choice for any situation. These also work great in an outdoor party setting to place around for simple background music that is rich but not over powering so guests can enjoy conversation. Link a few together for even more versatility. If it starts to rain...who cares? Let em keep playing with zero worries. The very first speaker we purchased so many, many, many years ago is still going. Do yourself a favor, just buy one!


Awsome speaker with great battery life..highly recommended!

Love my barnacle!

Great sound quality for a small speaker. Love the portability and waterproof aspect of this device. I got mine to take on my paddle board without worrying about getting it wet. It stays put with the suction cup but if it gets jarred loose... no worries... it floats too!

Very Happy

Pleasantly surprised!!

The Barnacle Pro

The Barnacle Pro

$ 64.99